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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another Call

I got a call from Gerald's cousin a minute ago. She said she had just found out about my book. One of her friends had told her about it so she bought one.

She said she was talking to another one of her acquaintances and the lady had told her that yes she had bought the book from a little store in Gunnison. The lady had said the book was so informative that she wanted to know where she could get five more copies. (one for each one of her kids).

I told her to tell her friend that she could get the book in any book store. Amazon, Barns and Noble, Cedar Fort, Deseret Book, Latter day Light and that almost any book store would order it if they did't have it in.

I have so many people in my own little area that don't know how to get on the internet, and there is not a book store in sight. I guess I will just have to approach the local grocery stores.

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